About Us

“You will hear it for yourself, and it shall surely fill you with wonder.”

—Marco Polo

I love travelling. Meeting people from various cultures, experiencing new sights, sounds, and smells—These experiences inspire me, teach me, and help me to better understand myself and others. This passion has given me direction in life, purpose, and has led me to continue learning many languages and develop an eclectic taste for art and all things cultural. My travels have allowed me to experience how so many others live their daily lives, and have shown me possibilities I otherwise never would have known. Tesori del Mondo was born from the love of cultural exchange, and a desire to help others feel and understand the lessons that I have learned in the greatest classroom of all - the world.


I have always collected souvenirs when I travel; things to bring home to remind me of a person, place, or experience that I had. These treasures enrich my life in so many positive ways; taking me back to the time and place that I found them, the people that created them or sold them, and the building of relationships that took place. Sometimes I have failed to get a souvenir and I have regretted it. So I created Tesori Del Mondo, a place where travelers can get that missed remembrance of a trip taken, an experience lived, or perhaps where hopeful travelers can gain a small piece of somewhere that they wish to go.

Whether they be from popular tourist locations, or remote roads less traveled, you will hopefully find something at Tesori Del Mondo that allows you to experience a place again, or maybe even for the first time.

So browse and remember, or browse and dream. At Tesori Del Mondo, we are passionate about learning, cultural exchange, and the sharing of the world’s art. It's why we're here. Enjoy!